United Through Hope

Anagha Chakravarti

Manila, the Philippines

I am alone, cold and lost,
I gaze at myself in the mirror,
Shattered, broken, helpless.
My heart rate starts to quicken,
My breathing starts to slow,
Until my best friend picks up the phone.

Our parents are alone, cold and lost,
Uncertain of the long road ahead,
Shattered, broken, helpless,
They are the warm blankets in the cold,
Wrapping their children with love,
Until their children give them a kiss.

Our doctors are alone, cold and lost,
They gaze at the hospital beds,
Shattered, broken, helpless.
They put their lives on the line,
Riddled with grief and gratitude,
Until we unite and say ‘thank you.’

Our poor are alone, cold and lost,
Nothing but empty plates by their sides,
Shattered, broken, helpless.
They are teary eyed yet emotionless,
Enveloped with dreadful darkness,
Until they receive a small donation.

Our world is alone, cold and lost,
Deserted as far as the eye can see.
Shattered, broken, helpless.
It mourns humanity’s losses,
And grieves with mankind,
Until life goes back to normal.

Hope is full, warm and alive,
Radiating from every corner of the world.
It may be the flower that blooms after rain,
It may be the faint sound of your inner voice,
Whatever shape or form it may take,
Our world is united through hope.

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