Trapped Transparency

Kimberly Claire

The Philippines

A misconception that drives me crazy.
Insights drive inside my mind,
muddles softly before the tide.
Then, there’s nothing in the sky.

I am forced to stay with my memories for the time being,

It hurts, but it’s making me wait.
From all the virtues, the Lord God set upon me,

Patience was never one.

Isolated in a place of hurdles,
I seem to catch up.
I’m running faster than ever,
I seem to never stop.

I always thought the lies would end,
It never did, they’re still my friends.
But they’re so distant to me now,
I have a new friend, farther away but nearer, closer.

One memory to another, it jumps in place.

It’s tempered glass.
You can see it, but you can’t break it.
You can see what you left behind you.

This new friend takes care of my memories.
They make a new sky with me.
Brighter than the moon from way afar,

On the last day of January, I hope to see one last shining star.

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