The Silver Lining

Simran Singh

Delhi, India

As we sit in our homes today,
When each day is a Sunday,
We may feel blase and weary,
With nothing to do, this situation seems a bit scary,
Yet stay at home we must,
As hard it may be to control our wanderlust,
Though it’s tough, let’s be somewhat sanguine,
Let’s put back on our faces, a grin.

At this time, somethings we are sure to miss,
Things we took for granted we now reminisce,
A pat, a hug, a handshake, a cuddle,
Being able to say ‘god bless you’ without a shudder,
Next time we sit in a full classroom,
I hope we enjoy the mirth in full bloom,
And savour every bite of that street food,
Being able to go out for a walk as per our mood,
After this lockdown, we’ll enjoy a little more,
The wind in our face, the speed of the bike, than before,
And finally when we will step out,
We’ll be glad that this pandemic we survived.

Yet now as we sit at home,

As we are really not allowed to roam,
The distance between families are being bridged,
With time at hand, to hone our talents we are encouraged,
No more movies, no tv shows, no busy claims,
Dusting off the dust from old board games,
Spending times with loved ones, learning cooking, reading a good book,
Time is slowing down, old loves are being refound,
Though it’s a struggle to stay slim and fit,
This quarantine is not so bad is it?

As our dark circles disappear,
Earth’s healing it appears,
Dolphins returning to oceans,
Air quality improving and then some,
We will be stepping out to a better world it seems,
Simpler lives, grateful hearts, cleaner streams
Now we’ll find ourselves, have time for our dreams,
We’ll get through this I am sure,
Don’t stress, this isn’t forever, from the usual just a detour,
Though this virus is scary and hard to fight,
It might just be a blessing in disguise….

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