At Last

Priyasha Chakravarti

Manila, the Philippines

At last,

I unlock the gateway to freedom.

I frolic down the lush meadows,

Dip my feet into the cold water,

Gaze up at the clear, blue sky,

And feel the gentle kiss of the sun.

At last,

I shake my neighbors’ hand,

Embrace my beautiful friends,

And wave at every passer-by I see.

Freedom fills the city with love and joy.

Calm yet brewing with excitement,

I take a deep breath and smile.

At last,

Freedom rings from every corner of the world,

From homes, cities, oceans and mountains,

From the heartfelt laughter of children,

The tears shed in joy by grandparents,

The sweet feeling of a reunion,

The essence of a simple greeting.

At last,

I can fill my mouth with majestic meals,

And devour all the scrumptious sweets.

I can play my favorite sport, reunite with my family.

I can travel the world, reunite with my friends.

I can look up at the sky and thank God,

That we can do the things we love once again.

I hope we begin to appreciate the little things,

The daily greetings and casual conversations,

A simple lunch and movie date with friends,

A stressful week and a relaxing weekend.

At last, the good old days have embraced us.

At last, mankind has emerged from the abyss,

Chastened, but stronger and better than ever.

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