The Rising Phoenix

Yoshee Jain

Gurugram, Haryana, India

As the Corona warriors, we say, to the world’s challenge, we’ve found a way,
If you think that you don’t fit in, we’ve got a story, so let us begin.

Unprecedented as the times may be, unprecedented solutions are the key,
Be on the watch, there are ways out, a light somewhere amidst the vast grey islands of clouds,
Times may be tough and hard, we’ll work out solutions and be on our guard,
The things may go wrong as they sometimes will, but it’ll keep us going strong and uphill.

With changing economies and rising fears, and eyes all around filled with tears,
Education online and medicine took a kick start, hopes in plenty to fill everyone’s heart,
Working from home is the new do, schools and offices, empty and blue.

Of course we love to camp, bike and swim, adventure used to be our middle name,
But with all living on the brink, saving lives is the only aim.
Staying indoors can be fun, helping parents under the sun,
Protecting the elders and the young, from corona, a foe living amongst,
Washing our hands frequently, or just a matter of social distancing,
Walking out of homes wearing masks and gloves, reaching out to all with love.

Corona one day will be gone, the world will rise to a new dawn,
A planet full of love and care will be born, smiles on all faces will adorn.
To know that every moment we’re alive, it’s our love that will survive,
We will show what we can be, together as a family,
So let’s join hands and save the world, bearing a flag of Corona free planet unfurled,
Rising from the ashes to be reborn, with mesmerising colours, singing a melodious song.

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