the pain within

Taskeen Altaf

Karachi, Pakistan

i get on the floor in agony

my eyes shed one thousand and

thirty four tears

perhaps a hundred more

because i lost the count

long ago

they drip and drip

and drip

peace has vanished

the happy times are 

just an evanesce 

all alone in

this room of words

they call me by

i no more have the

spine to carry this


or maybe i never did

the pain was just

buried inside this chest

5 am in the morning

i hear the birds chirping 

realizing i haven’t slept

i pull my hands out of my head

they have these

brownish black hair strands

realizing i tried to 

abscond this world

who do i call

who do i complain 

anxiety feels like

a thousand ants are

slithering on my body

what do i do

to feel alive again

what do i pay to

be happy again

all i have is these

salty cheeks

tell me they’ll help

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