creative writing


Ria Naidu Hong Kong The curtains were drawn, Not a speck of light to be seen amongst the shade And strewn with pillows and blankets Remained an unkempt bed She unfurled her somnolent body Upon the mattress on which she laid Letting out a long exasperated sigh She was filled with a sense of dread …

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the pain within

Taskeen Altaf Karachi, Pakistan i get on the floor in agony my eyes shed one thousand and thirty four tears perhaps a hundred more because i lost the count long ago they drip and drip and drip peace has vanished the happy times are  just an evanesce  all alone in this room of words they …

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The Young Voices

Muhammad Affan Ahmad Islamabad, Pakistan How dare you ask the young for hope? How dare you shatter our dreams in hell? How dare you ignore the loudest voice amongst you? Are we too young to speak? Or are you too aged to hear us? Can you hear us? Because even the land is screaming! Can …

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Sahte Kimlik Pakistan When the lights falls at dawn and then fades away,After Dawn it’s not light, but sparkling sun which takes awayThat magical darkness and just like illusion it fades awayWhen the tears call us but our angels take us away, Then, Why in my life fire and flames, make my love, slay my …

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Our World

Khadeeja Asyari Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia I glance at the night sky,I asked myself“What will happen to our world?”Wars here and thereBe it the battle between a virus and bodyOr the battle for basic human rightsNever ending like it’s nothingWhere is justiceWhen it’s needed?

Well Wall

Gayathri India How come I harbour a sapling, that too one with a muslin tag, Well wondered. Peepal it is, said the wind for wind has known what peepal play like as a kid. Well felt a sudden strange emotion; thirst. (Well, how is that possible ?) I’ve never had a moss grow on me …

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Dear Self

Renalyn Rubio Bustos, Philippines You want to give upYou are tired of their toxicityYou want to have a peaceful lifeWhen you can explore, enjoy have fun, restWell guess what, you are allowedYou can be who you want to beYou are amazingYou inspired a lot of peopleYou are spreading joyYou are working on your progress You …

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Renalyn Rubio Bustos, Philippines I thought everything was fineAll my thoughts are trueThat I was not good enoughI was not capableI was a failureI am not specialI can’t meet the standardsI always doubt myselfWhy do I look like this?There are a lot of voicesThey are all inside my headIt bothers me a lotBut one day, …

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