covid art

2020, Frame of the Year

2020 has been a year of fear.. pandemic… not only COVID-19 but also another problems that we faced. Hunger, social media addiction… those problems should be eliminated as well as the viral infection. Judy, 13

Melancholy Beyond

Everyone is staying home, people have left all the nature places, those heavenly places are standing still, with not a single person passing by, they are left like a piece of paradise. Rawdha, 15

Behind The Mask

Nowadays no one can step out of their houses without a mask, but behind that mask a lot of secrets the person is hiding, his eyes might be smiling while his covered features are depressed, the mask is only showing our wanted reactions and hiding the truth, thus, we will never know what’s Behind the …

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Creative Aura

Creative Aura is an acrylic artwork showcasing my artistic spirit when drawing. It depicts auras of my favourite colours emanating from my hands and planets (Pluto, Mercury, Venus) I am simply drawn to. It is a painting that helps me remember how creative I am in pursuing the dream of becoming a successful artist, even …

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Recuerdos del Pasado

This work was done in response to Christian Boltanski submission to the Do It Project (curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist) titled Instruction (1993). My interpretation of his instructions allowed me to interchange photo albums and childhood stories with my neighbor and create an artwork as a reaction. I decided to take patterns and colors that …

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