Maria Zakir

Karachi, Pakistan

I’ve never been bewitched by the sky more I’ve never stared at the stars like a child like this 

I’ve never needed to feed my solitude

With the glow of the moon, the dawn star bliss

I’ve finally stopped and touched the cacti

Growing in my terrace pot plants 

I’ve finally opened my eyes and I’ve seen

How God has gifted me so many wish grants 

It was home where I found these little wonders

When the air shut down its freedom to our face 

We lost lives, and flowers and angels to the war

But reflection and gratitude is found in this case 

I’ve hoped the trapped breeze will be freed a day

I’ve wished, I’ll smile and be seen by you

When expression is going to break the bounds

And I’ll hug you, tell you that I love you too

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