Recuerdos del Pasado

Recuerdos del Pasado
Amanda Blanca, Miami, Florida

This work was done in response to Christian Boltanski submission to the Do It Project (curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist) titled Instruction (1993). My interpretation of his instructions allowed me to interchange photo albums and childhood stories with my neighbor and create an artwork as a reaction. I decided to take patterns and colors that stood out from talking to my neighbor to create a handmade rug. Taking from my neighbors Ukrainian background and the fabrics handed down from her grandmother(which is seen in multiple photographs) i was able to get a sense of security and care. Using a weaving technique such a tufting felt like the perfect way to depict this ever present bond felt in a family even when they are miles away. It also brought up discourse around family heirlooms vs hand-me-downs and the the lasting affects of sentimental valued object compared to objects of mainly monetary value during periods of mourning/isolation.

Amanda, 19

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