Cheska Limson

Bustos, Philippines

Quarantine made me realize a lot of things
It made me the person who I am today
I am a lot different and better
Still improving more and later
It’s been years since I accepted myself
The negative things that I want to remove
The mistakes that I have done before
My old self that I want to forget more
While the quarantine has started
I realized a lot of everything
These experiences are all learnings
From all the things that happened
It felt like freedom
All those being free that I dreamt of
Free from guilt, and anger
Free from depression, and anxiety
It takes time to know about yourself
It’s not that like a snap on your fingers
It’s about waiting for a lot of years
And let yourself live freely
I had many challenges that I went through
Suicide always come up in my mind
But, on the other side
I know It will not happen
Dreams, I have a lot of dreams

I am always thinking about it
Talking about it, and telling to other people
Inspiring them to not forget their dreams

When I was a child
I’d like to be a doctor or nurse
But now, it’s totally different
I want to know more about myself
I want to focus, and understand myself

Loving yourself
Hey this is not easy tho
But, it will come
Trust me, it will came to you
In this pandemic
I experienced a lot worse
But I stood up for myself
I overcome those days
Here I am, still alive
Still breathing, still healthy
I am blessed
I have food, electricity
Water, and shelter
I am still studying
I am still in this world

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