Daarshini Rajasingam

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Amid pandemic,

all I can wish for;

is the warmth of a hug,

a  serene connection,

an inexpressible feeling,

that moves me,

and proves to me;

that there’s more than just chasing the world,

that there are reasons why our paths crossed,

despite our fragile and vulnerable selves,

paving way for our hearts,

introducing souls to the shape of home,

yet every night I wondered why I was;

lonely while surrounded,

happy yet empty,

busy yet stagnant,

I might be crazy;

to miss someone I have never seen,

to crave a presence I have never shaped,

to glaze those eyes I haven’t met,

to touch the skin I have never felt,

maybe I’ll meet someone that I’d never lose,

maybe it’ll make sense over time,

maybe – just maybe,

It’ll be worth the wait.

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