Renalyn Rubio

Bustos, Philippines

I thought everything was fine
All my thoughts are true
That I was not good enough
I was not capable
I was a failure
I am not special
I can’t meet the standards
I always doubt myself
Why do I look like this?
There are a lot of voices
They are all inside my head
It bothers me a lot
But one day, I just realized
I have to deal with it
I made a plan
I take an action
I want to change
I want to improve my mindset
I always try
One step at a time
I am now on the process
I need some time to focus
I spent my time, pleasing everyone
Everything is different now
I will get better
I will allow my emotions
Our emotions are valid
We are not meant to stay
To stay in a bad situation
We must look forward
We can be happy
We can do whatever we want
To made a decision
To do great things
To love
To laugh
To enjoy
We should be consistent
Words won’t bring us down
We are true to ourselves.
We will accept our body
Because our body do amazing things
We can make it happen

We must stay connected
And continue to spread the joy
Inspired people
Practice gratefulness
Thank our Creator
For every blessing we received
We are worth it
No explanation needed
We are beautiful
Just the way we are
We are one of a kind

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