Life As We Know It

Ana-Mara Leppink

Hamburg, Germany

Before, Wuhan was an ordinary city in China, anonymous
Now, it is collectively known as the birthplace of a deadly virus.
Before, the word pandemic made us think of Malaria, Ebola
Now, it triggers a new word: Corona.
Before, we fought our battles for freedom
Now, we beg entire communities to STAY AT HOME!
Before, supermarkets were stocked with an abundance of goods,
Now, we forage the empty shelves for long-lasting foods.
Before, our favorite heroes were merely fictional
Now, we’ve got real heroes working in the hospital.
Before, airplanes carried passengers to tropical destinations
Now, they fly in patients to foreign intensive-care stations.
Before, we expressed our love through hugs and kisses,
Now, we are forced to resort to text messages
Before, cities were bursting with life, and civilization was all around
Now, we have to play the waiting game, alone, in lockdown.

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