Nicole Del Rio

Miramar, United States

You must become Icarus
You must fly 
Higher than anyone has flown before 
You are inside the tower but you must reach the Sun
Reach the Sun while you’re inside the tower
So many people are reaching the Sun
They haven’t fallen
They ascended to the heavens 
Why haven’t you?
Everyone has flown higher than Icarus
Everyone is inside the tower
You must be so dumb 
You’re not flying in the tower
You say you’re thriving and dying 
You know people have died outside the tower?
You’re alive in the tower 
Icarus flew then Icarus drowned 
Become Icarus but don’t become too much of Icarus
Fly to the Sun but don’t drown with your wax wings 
Your future is being built now
Build it now
Build it from your tower 
Fly from your tower 
It’s your most important year

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