i let my knees sink into the dirt


Qatar, UAE

I wandered the shadows till I reached the light 

And then the darkness got hold of me again. 

In one unforgiving night 

The stars dimmed and the peace got chained 

The night turned into a suffocating blight 

And the laughter was wrapped in iron chains 

I’d thought the light was only hours away 

So I forced my trembling hand to keep me still 

I believed each second would turn the sky grey

But the darkness reached even the furthest of hills. 

I closed my eyes and prayed

For the light to once again return 

I wanted to let my heart cry 

but the tears would only let my body burn

My body shook with uncontrollable rage 

I was foolish and stupid and hurt 

I knew I shouldn’t wait for the light to pledge 

But I still let my knees sink into the dirt.

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