Rutu Scarlett

Banglore, India

They say everyday is a new day
but why does it feel the same?
I want to find out all the reasons that’s holding me back or maybe it’s just me
I go to bed thinking of all the things that I could have done today
While I battle the feelings of regret
I still have an unusual hope for tomorrow
before it all comes down to the same old way, as yesterday.
I want to try new things
I want to do something
before the day gets over
I can start right now……..or maybe later? I mean I still have time right? I can do it later.
the clock keeps ticking
And soon before I realise….
again, another day goes by
I wish to change this foreseeable routine of mine.
maybe I’ll do it tomorrow
I mean there is still time right? After all, Time is a fleeting bird and it is the only thing that you can use
but always loose.

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