Dear Self

Renalyn Rubio

Bustos, Philippines

You want to give up
You are tired of their toxicity
You want to have a peaceful life
When you can explore, enjoy have fun, rest
Well guess what, you are allowed
You can be who you want to be
You are amazing
You inspired a lot of people
You are spreading joy
You are working on your progress

You are trying
You are here with a purpose
You can make it through
With discipline and perseverance
I am so proud of you
For the person you became
You deserved the world
You are meant to be happy
You don’t have to worry
Better days are coming
You are still here
You have time
You are one of a kind
You are brave

You have conquered a lot of things in the past

You deserve recognition
You are capable,
You are a work of art
You are a masterpiece
You can change your life
You can be better soon

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