COVID-19 yazısı

Nehir Altınkaya

Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey

Covid 19, the virus that has changed our whole lives in seconds. The virus spread so fast that we could not even realise what was going on until COVID-19 hit our own country. We were scared and desperate. Every single person has come up against something they had known nothing about. A disease that we have still been struggling with even after a year. Something drastic, something deadly, something powerful.

When I first heard about the Corona Virus, I never thought of it coming to my country. Even when I did, I didn’t think that it would hit my town because the town where I live  is pretty small. I was just thinking that the people in China would handle this, but it was more than what they had expected to encounter and things started to get out of hand after a while. Unfortunately, the virus started to spread. 

I was still not scared when COVID-19 was on its way to be encountered in different parts of the world such as Spain and France. My only concern was our family trip to these countries during the Semester Holiday. My family wasn’t scared of the virus, because they knew only a little bit about it, but I knew more, thanks to my teachers at school. When I learned all those facts, I became more anxious. This anxiety and stress became more emerging on our flight to France.

Luckily, nothing happened on our trip and we were finally home, safe, or at least that was what we thought we were since we arrived home. 3 weeks after our arrival to Turkey, all the borders were closed and we were now in a Pandemic.

At first, I enjoyed being at home all the time and doing nothing, because it was nearly time for the summer break. But soon after, I was extremely bored and had nothing to do. Therefore, I started doing sports, watching more shows on Netflix, and started cooking food even though I knew I was a bad cook. I was basically doing the stuff everyone was doing in their homes at that time.

Thanks to our hotel on the coast of Ortakent, a seaside village in Bodrum, I was safely able to meet my friends and have some fun even for a little while. I still feel extremely grateful for the opportunities I had during these hard times.

After the summer break, right when we said that the Coronavirus started to decrease the speed of outbreak, it did the opposite and now, here we are, still in half quarantine, living our new normal lives. I wish  this virus would stop spreading and killing loads of people. These are genuinely hard times and we are all in this together. Please stay in your homes, so that we can get through this as quickly as possible. Stay healthy and safe. 

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