New Delhi, India

I saw the deadly virus approach,

Stopped him and asked,

“Why are you on this planet as a roach,

With ruining lives have you been tasked?”

“Everyday people are getting critical,

Everyday people are dying.

Like Judgement Day, this seems biblical;

All the families are crying.”

“The world has come a halt,

Living with struggle we all are.

You have thrown at us, an assault,

For you to go away, I wish upon every shooting star.”

Corona laughed at me and said,

“Oh you mortal being, can’t you see,

You humans are responsible for my spread;

Before that, I was hurting nobody.”

“The consequences of your mistakes,

You earthlings shall bear.

High now are the stakes,

Of my terror, humans beware.”

“Human beings staying inside,

Caused the earth to heal itself.

You all have a false pride,

You have brought this upon yourself.”

To the virus, I now said,

“Humans are greedy, that I know,

But our beloveds are now dead,

Was that really worth the show?”

“Livelihoods are getting tougher,

Some are unable to feed their offsprings.

So much why do we have to suffer,

To everyone, sadness is what you bring.”

Corona said while snickering,

“I am just a figment of your imagination,

With me, please stop bickering;

In your head, is this narration.”

Will this virus be our impending doom,

Will the times remain unprecedented?

Will the flowers of happiness no longer bloom,

Will we forever be tormented?

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