Coming of Age

Adriene Nieto

Bulacan, the Philippines

I don’t know how and when it happened.
When the midnight hours started to bark at my head.
When the rain screaming like it is a dangerous beast
It is when the darkness hands grip unto the back of my neck to look back on the souls of the past

To the expectation that failed to reached
And to the dissapointments that lurking on the shadows.
I am lost to the space between the scars of the past and the cruelty waves of the future.
Yet the light hurriedly blink and smile like a sun gleaming brightly

It dawns the little hope in the pit of my stomach that I have a chance.
To glance at the past but the present is the appearance of opportunities to enhance.
By having the possibility to advance and the struggles in the roller coaster ride of life can make a
And by gripping our passion and dream we can endlessly run like a mad horse towards to the hole of

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