Aisha Ahman Nigeria Give a pen to use, An ink to write, all of thy heart desires. To make a wish; Whisper the scribbles on the wall, full of ink stains to thy heart and thy soul.

the danger i left

Niña Lucena Philippines, Palawan oh, took me a year to realise it was i that needed to be happy to choose me before anybody to dance in the mean melancholy stuttering as i left the prodigy of death seeing the beauty in a dreary world was the most onerous to hurl.

Coming of Age

Adriene Nieto Bulacan, the Philippines I don’t know how and when it happened.When the midnight hours started to bark at my head.When the rain screaming like it is a dangerous beastIt is when the darkness hands grip unto the back of my neck to look back on the souls of the past To the expectation …

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Deep Breaths

Ihdina Kosai Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To the ones drowningIn whatever affairs goingThe ones whose tears are pilingWith so many fears, facingTo the ones survivingAfter or am sufferingHold that griefTake a deep breathAnd don’t forget to breatheLife’s not all roses and honeyYou are the hero of your own storyYou don’t have to be in their talesAs …

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Daarshini Rajasingam Shah Alam, Malaysia Amid pandemic, all I can wish for; is the warmth of a hug, a  serene connection, an inexpressible feeling, that moves me, and proves to me; that there’s more than just chasing the world, that there are reasons why our paths crossed, despite our fragile and vulnerable selves, paving way …

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Maria Zakir Karachi, Pakistan I’ve never been bewitched by the sky more I’ve never stared at the stars like a child like this  I’ve never needed to feed my solitude With the glow of the moon, the dawn star bliss I’ve finally stopped and touched the cacti Growing in my terrace pot plants  I’ve finally …

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Inside Out

Rewa Marathe Mumbai, India I’ve been wearing masks of smiles  To avoid getting infected  from mugged up consolations I’ve been maintaining distance, Not just socially, but mentally and emotionally from everyone  Unknowingly, this pandemic of lies and anxiety has been haunting us forever We’ve tried, we couldn’t get out of it THERE IS NO CURE.


Grace Summers India She was an angel Before she met them. A large wing span, And a huge grin; Beautiful brown locks, And flawless skin. They cut off her wings, She walked on, broken. They chopped off her legs, She crawled on, broken. They bit off her arms, She lay there, broken. But then they …

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Nicole Del Rio Miramar, United States You must become IcarusYou must fly Higher than anyone has flown before You are inside the tower but you must reach the SunReach the Sun while you’re inside the towerSo many people are reaching the SunThey haven’t fallenThey ascended to the heavens Why haven’t you?Everyone has flown higher than IcarusEveryone is inside …

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