Sahte Kimlik


When the lights falls at dawn and then fades away,
After Dawn it’s not light, but sparkling sun which takes away
That magical darkness and just like illusion it fades away
When the tears call us but our angels take us away,


Why in my life fire and flames, make my love, slay my way
Why I beg happiness while I imagine every feeling without glee
There is always hatred in my words when words like love I say
Couldn’t ever understood what should I chose and what in my life shouldn’t stay
I want to be like the screaming demon and a smiling angel at a same time

But how can fire and flame become one rhyme?

Yeah it can be,

Just like sparkling diamonds and dull stones in a wind chime,
Oh I love that beautiful twinkling of stars which can’t be seen at day

Which is the result of thousands of explosions burning their souls in such a dreadful way,

Perhaps this is what we say fire and the flame burning those ‘Ashes’ with ,

oh such a beautiful smile

This is when lightning and the thunder, heaven and earth, sky and ocean

Come at the a time

‘Cause they carry same souls though and together they can only shine!
Ah; I love that song of ice and fire and together with it ,

I am fine

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