An Invisible Resident

Mrudula Tayade

Surat, India

Seeing so many deaths

is a curse,

Don’t go outside,

Corona lurks.

Its not hidden in

the shadows or the empty streets,

Alive and invisible,

resides in our every breath.

Nor does it see,

the concrete, the marble or

the cobblestones,

Leaves the people

in ashes and bones.

No jobs to earn by,

no money to wager,

no pity on us,

if we turn into beggars.

Hundreds of nights

we are asking for freedom,

Grab the ray of hope,

covid vaccination.

How long will we

let this virus rule?

The students are yelling,

“Open the schools!”

So, do yourself a favour,

wear the masks.

That’s the only thing,

Government of India asks.

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