Into The Sea

Into The Sea
Fakhira Ruzlan, Malaysia

“As in theme covid 19 that we all face right now, I was inspired to choose frontliners as the main character who are in struggle to save us (the painting shows a man with PPE suits was about to drown) but clearly u can see the monster(virus) was attacking the man slowly grabbing his arm into the sea full of darkness, in other hand we also can relate the difficulty of us to escape from the monster(virus) hence what was in the sea is nothing except dark,scary feeling of alone and stressed but one thing that keep us awake from drowning or death is hope (lotus flower the man holding ) a symbolism for hope that we all need and what keep the man alive, strong (something to hold for) although death is just about to come (a flower that blooms in the sea)”

Fakhira, 19

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